Auto Sanitiser S/Steel

Want to get rid of that bad smell in the gent’s toilets?

We know exactly how. Give us a call now, or have a look at these amazing products

An Automated Toilet and urinal cleaning system.

  • Automatically reduces and prevents scale build up in urinals (the main culprit of the smells)
  • By automatically dispensing a cleaning product into the urinal once every 15 minutes
  • This helps to maintain an odour free environment
  • Batteries last up to 2 years (always use Alkaline only, we recommend Duracell)
  • Comes with a lifetime warrantee.
  • Digital dispenser – Screen shows battery life , days to refill and more
  • Dimensions: 15.21 x 9.32 x 23.8cm

Available in

  • White
  • Black
  • Satin
  • Stainless steel.

For a full urinal solution also see

  • Auto Flusher
  • Bio Block
  • Nu-Smell Plus
  • Bio Scrub – Washroom Deep Cleaner


Bio Purinel

To Clean Urinals

  • Urinal Cleaner that is used in the auto sanitiser dispenser
  • Prevents uric scale build up from occurring, but also cleans existing scale build up
  • This helps to maintain pipes, traps and drains of urinals
  • As well as reducing bad smells in men’s washrooms

On a more technical note,

  • This is a biotechnology-based product for the treating of urinals (contains enzymes).
  • Enhances the biodegradation of organic matter in downstream effluent.
  • 100% Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Purinel Mandarin

Toilet Cleaner

  • A toilet water disinfectant that is used in the auto sanitiser dispenser
  • Not only keeps the water disinfectant, but also
  • Contains a surfactant to ensure that the bowl of the toilet always remains free of residue
  • Also reduces hard water build-up

Has a mandarin fragrance