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We are Green

At International Hygiene Solutions we are committed to the environment, we have made it our mission to use products that are:

1)   Safe for the environment
2)   Safe for the user
3)   Saves time
4)   Saves money
5)   High Quality

Eco-LogoWe can all help in ensuring that our planet stays healthy by making small adjustments to the everyday things that we do.

We here at International Hygiene Solutions are committed to helping you achieve this very important goal.

When looking through our product range – where ever you see this sign  you can be certain that you are doing your part for the environment, without spending too much and without compromising on quality and ease of use

Washroom Hygiene

  • Our green seal hand soap that goes into the 500ml Soap Dispenser
  • Our green seal hand and body wash
  • Nu-Bio Block – Urinal Cleaning block
  • Nu-Smell Plus – Urinal deodoriser
  • Our T-cell airfreshener system that does not use an aerosol
  • Our hand papers and toilet papers are made from sugarcane, making it an environmentally sustainable option