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Welcome to International Hygiene Solutions

International Hygiene Solutions – Focussed on washroom hygiene solutions that are effective, durable and value for money. It is our aim to remain the washroom hygiene wholesaler, that you can rely on.

We are a 100% service driven company and focus on helping our customers achieve the best results in terms of health and hygiene at work.

Our products include:

Washroom Hygiene:

Airfreshener, Soap, Paper Towel , Hand Sanitiser, Seat Sanitiser, Unrinal and Toilet Sanitiser Dispensers and Consumables. Hand Dryers, Sanitary and Wall Mounted Waste Bins, Toilet Roll Holders and AutoFlushers and Consumables.

Washroom Cleaning Chemicals:

All Environmentally Friendly , ask us about our 100% safe
1) Bio Scrub – Washroom Deep Cleaning Products
2) Bio Blocks – The solution for smelly urinal problems
3) Nu-Smell – Washroom Deodoriser

Baby Changing Stations

Horisontal & Vertical Stations

Smoking Stations:

Wall mounted and Floor Standing Ashtrays

Cleaning Consumables:

Brooms, Mops, Cloths, Buckets, Window cleaning equipment.

Cleaning Chemicals:

International Hygiene Solutions is proud to say that we support green cleaning and have a range of products that contain no harmful chemicals and acids. These include: Above floor cleaner, floor cleaning, washroom cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning (food safe), carpet cleaning.

Why are we different?

• We are not only a hygiene company, we are consultants and advisors, truly interested in you.
• Consultation with our clients allows us to assess their needs and provide appropriate washroom solutions.
• We pride ourselves on service delivery and communication and have a track record to prove it.
• We offer products that are quality guaranteed
• Modern living demands innovation and our aim is to keep abreast of all changes and new ideas available.

We care about the environment

To International Hygiene Solutions the environmental impact of our products is very important. Most of products are 100% Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly!

When you see this ECO Sign in our catalogue or on our website, you can be certain that you are doing your part for the environment when purchasing the related product.